Jewelry Care

Jewelry is intrinsically delicate.
Please follow the advice below to keep your jewelry always beautiful:

. Store your jewelry in the original packaging or in a soft pouch to avoid scratches and rubbing with other pieces and to avoid the creation of undesired knots, in the case of necklaces.
If using a jewelry box, make sure that the pieces are kept in separate compartments;

. Clean your jewelry frequently with a soft cloth to maintain the original finish or with other suitable product recommended by the brand;

. Remove jewelry before washing your hands, swimming and / or applying products (for example, perfume, sprays, soap or body cream), as they may damage the surface and color of the precious metal, reduce the quality of the plating, and may cause discoloration and / or loss of the glaze of the vitreous enamel (when applicable);

. Put your jewelry last when you get dressed and remove it first when undressing;

. Avoid contact with water;

. Avoid shocks, strong impacts and uneven surfaces that can damage the materials;

. Do not expose the jewelry to very high temperatures;

. When using the necklaces and bracelets, check that the clasps are tightly closed and secure.

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