Tell us your story & most wanted wishes

We believe that all special moments deserve the greatest attention and, therefore, we propose to eternalize the various chapters of your story, whether personal or professional.

For this, we need to know you better and have more details about the story and the moment you are celebrating, the tastes you have and the style you are looking after.

Everything you share with us, at this stage, will be super important so we are able to present a more customized and exclusive proposal.

Because each project is unique, the final price varies according to what customers will want to order:

– Graphic Design Stationary: save the date, invitations, seating plan, menus, etc. (price varies according to the quantities, materials and production techniques chosen);

– Exclusive Jewelry (price varies depending on the materials – gold, diamonds, other stones, etc. – and the necessary production techniques)

By sending us an email with a more detailed quote request, which may include inspirational images that you have collected, we will be able to present a more adjusted proposal to the information you have given us.

[Stationary Example: Story or Inspiration for the event/celebration; type of invitation that you idealized, with or without theme, colors, format, exterior decoration and quantities, type of printing – thermo stamping (i.e. paper engraved with golden foils); digital printing, etc.]

[Exclusive Jewelry Example: Story or Inspiration for the Jewelry piece; type of jewel you idealized – ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet, etc.-, in which metal, with which stones, shapes and colors of the stones, etc.]



First Meeting – Quote & Moodboards Presentation

After analyzing the quote request, we prepare a presentation with inspirational moodboards and respective quote proposal.

We like to present this proposal in a face-to-face meeting, in our atelier or in a more convenient place for you, so that we can show some physical and tangible examples of other projects that we have already done. However, if a face-to-face meeting is not possible, we will be happy to meet via skype, whatsapp or google duo, etc.

This meeting is also very important because we will be able to help you with any doubts or questions you have regarding the elements of the Stationary (formats, types of printing, paper, finishes, etc.), or in making decisions regarding the exclusive jewelry piece you want to order.

At this meeting, a first quote proposal will be presented which can be adjusted according to specific decisions taken (quantities, materials, etc.).



Quote Approval and Project Adjudication

After the first meeting, we present the final quote.

For the formalization of the project, and in order to guarantee that we will start the design and production of the ordered elements, a percentage of the final price, agreed between the us and you, must be paid.

At this stage, we also schedule the presentation of the Design Proposal.



Second Meeting – Design Proposal

After the first ideas shared, the first meeting and the formalization of the project, we start designing the final proposal.

We make digital mock ups and artistic drawings that we send to you so that you can analyse and adjust the details you want, together with us, in a face-to-face meeting or via skype.

For us it is essential to work in collaboration with you and have feedback during the design process, so that the end result is the mirror of what you have always dreamed of.



Sending Final Evidence, Production & Delivery

At this stage, almost everything is ready!

In the case of Graphic Design Stationary, we send a printed sample (the samples are always in digital printing, even if you opt for special prints – such as thermo stamping), to confirm all details, materials and scales.

In the case of an Exclusive Jewelry order, there may or may not be the need to make physical prototypes and it is at this stage that you can try the prototypes on; otherwise, the final 2D design will be sent for approval.

As soon as everything is approved, we start the final production.

Customers will be able to pick up the Graphic Design Stationary elements or the Exclusive Jewels in our atelier. If you wish, we can also send by registered mail (CTT) or express (EMS or DHL). These costs will be supported by the customers.


Quote request

    Quote request
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